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Food Price List

Appetizers / Antipasti

Cold Starters

Prosciutto & cheese 9,50

Prosciutto, hard and semi-hard cheese, olives [7]



Cheese plate 9,00€

a selection of soft and hard cheese, with nuts and grapes [7, 8]

Octopus salad 10,00

cooked octopus, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice, olives [14]





Beef soup 4,50

home-made beef stock soup with traditional Slovenian thin noodles [1, 3, 9]


Mushroom soup 5,00

home-made mushroom soup [7, 8, 9]


Daily vegetable soup 4,50

a vegetable soup made with seasonal vegetables, with a scoop of sour cream [7, 8, 9]



Pasta, Gnocchi

Pasta (or gnocchi) with porcini mushrooms 13,00

pasta or gnocchi, porcini mushrooms in a creamy sauce [1, 7]


Pasta with chicken and vegetables 12,00

pasta with chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce [7, 9]


Pasta with prawns 12,50

pasta with prawns (it. gamberi) and tomatoes [1, 2]


Pasta ‘ai frutti di mare’ 12,50

seafood pasta, with tomato pelati [1, 2, 14]


Pasta ‘bolognese’ 12,50

pasta with minced meat and tomato sauce [1]


Pasta ‘carbonara’ 12,50

pasta with pancetta (cured pork) in a creamy cheese & eggs sauce [1, 3, 7]


Pasta ‘genovese’ 10,50

pasta with pesto genovese (basil, garlic, olive oil, grated hard cheese, pine nuts) [1, 5/8, 9]



Risotto with porcini mushrooms 13,00

risotto with porcini mushrooms in a creamy sauce [7]


Risotto with chicken and vegetables 12,00

risotto with chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce [7, 9]


Risotto ‘ai frutti di mare’ 12,50

seafood risotto, with tomato pelati [2, 14]



Seafood Dishes

Fried squid (it. calamari) 14,00

crispy fried calamari squid (without eggs, similar to Kalamarakia Tiganita), french fries [1, 3, 14]


Grilled squid 15,00

grilled calamari squid, cooked potatoes with Swiss chard, garlic & parsley sauce [14]


Squid padella 16,00

calamari squid poached in a pan (it. padella) with vegetables and potatoes [14]


Salmon fillet 16,00

salmon fillet, fregola with Swiss chard, tomatoes [4]


What is ‘Fregola’?  What are ‘Štruklji’??

What is ‘Fregola’?

‘Fregola’ (orig. ‘fregula’) is a type of dried pasta from the Mediterranean island of Sardinia. In some ways it is similar to couscous, it is however unclear whether the two are related.

The dough is made from coarsely milled durum wheat (it. semolina) and water. The dough is rolled into small balls (about 5 mm), sun-dried, and finally toasted in an oven, which gives fregola its distinctive look as some balls are darker than the others.

Preparation differs from typical pasta dishes in that fregola is not cooked separately, but along with the rest of ingredients (similar to risotto). A typical Sardinian recipe is fregola, simmered in a tomato-based sauce with clams.

What is/are ‘Štruklji’?

‘Štruklji’ (shtrook'-lyee, pl.) is a dish that shares some similarities with some other dumplings found in Central European cuisine, like German ‘Topfenknödel’ or Czech ‘knedlíky’.

The dough is flour based (wheat, sometimes buckwheat). Unlike other dumplings, štruklji are made by spreading a filling onto a thick sheet of dough, then rolled into a roulade. The roll is then usually boiled or steamed, much like napkin dumplings (‘Serviettenknödel’), but can also be baked in an oven.

The most popular filling is cottage cheese (sometimes with tarragon), which functions equally well as a savoury side dish, or as a sweet dessert. For dessert, a popular combination is buckwheat dough with walnut filling, traditionally with a topping made with breadcrumbs and butter.


Meat Dishes

Chicken fillet in mascarpone sauce 13,00

chicken fillet in mascarpone sauce, mozzarella, potato wedges [7]


Chicken fillet in almond sauce 12,00

chicken fillet in almond sauce, home-made ‘štruklji’ [1, 3, 7, 8]


Corn-flake chicken fingers 10,00

chicken fingers fried in corn-flake batter, french fries [1, 3, 6, 7, 10]


Pork tenderloin with porcini mushrooms 15,50

pork tenderloin in a porcini mushrooms sauce, home-made ‘štruklji’ [1, 3, 7]


Pork tenderloin with crispy bacon and truffle sauce 15,50

pork tenderloin, crispy bacon, truffle sauce, fried gnocchi [1, 3, 7]


Pork tenderloin with prosciutto and wine sauce 16,50

pork tenderloin in a wine sauce with prosciutto, gnocchi [1, 3, 7]


Rumpsteak 18,00

rumpsteak with crispy bacon and egg, potato wedges [3]


Beef tagliata 23,00

sliced flank steak, rocket and cheese, potato wedges [7]


Beefsteak 26,00

beefsteak, potato wedges [1, 7]


Beefsteak in peppercorn sauce 28,00


Beefsteak in peppercorn sauce, home-made ‘štruklji’ [1, 3, 7]  



Side-dish Salads

Mixed salad 4,50



seasonal ingredients

Lamb's lettuce salad 5,50

lamb's lettuce (cornsalad plant, lat. Valerianella locusta, also known as nut lettuce)


Meal-sized Salads

Fried chicken loaded salad 10,50

fried chicken, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, tartar sauce [1, 3, 7]


Grilled turkey loaded salad 10,50

fried chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled red peppers, curry dressing [7, 11]


Mediterranean loaded salad 10,50

grilled cheese, lettuce, mixed seeds, yogurt dressing [7]


Tuna and eggs loaded salad 10,50

tuna, egg, lettuce, corn, onions, balsamic vinaigrette dressing [3, 4]


Fried squid loaded salad 10,50

fried squid, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, tartar sauce [1, 3, 7, 14]




Panna cotta 5,00

panna cotta (Italian for "cooked cream"), berry sauce [7]


Tiramisu with almonds and Amaretto liqueur 5,50

Italian coffee-flavored dessert (ladyfingers biscuits, mascarpone cheese, eggs, cocoa),
enriched with almonds and Amaretto liqueur [1, 3, 7, 8]


Palatschinke (crêpe pancakes) 6,00

pancakes with chocolate [1, 3, 7, 8]
… with jam [1, 3, 7, 8]
… or with greek yogurt and strawberries [1, 3, 7, 8]


Information on food allergens


Many dishes contain wheat (gluten)[1], milk (or dairy products)[7], and eggs[3].

Seafood dishes contain one or more of molluscs[14], crustaceans[2], and fish[4].

Some dishes may contain small amounts of celery[9], mustard[10], soy products[6],
nuts[5, 8], sesame seeds[11], lupin seeds[13], or other food allergens.

If you have food allergies, please consult personnel for additional information.