ENG   Gostilna Guliver
Vilharjeva cesta 43
SI-1000 Ljubljana

T: +386 1 434 44 28

About Us


In the pleasant athmosphere of our restaurant we prepare
Excelent breakfasts, daily lounches and seledted dishes of
Mediteranian and traditional slovenian cusine.

In warm weather you can enjoy your meal on our summer terrace.

Working day   8.oo  -  11.oo

Toast with ham and cheese  (1,3,7)

3,0 €

Toast with tuna and cheese (1,3,4,7)

toast, tuna, cheese, grilled vegetables  

3,0 €

Toast with vegetables and cheese  (1,3,7)

toast, tomatoes, grilled vegetables, cheese

3,0 €

Poached eggs with ham  (1,3,7)
Poached eggs, ham, cherry tomatoes, arugola,
 hollandaise sauce, grilled bread
7,0  €

Poached eggs with salmon  (1,3,4,7)
Poached eggs, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, arugola,
 hollandaise sauce, grilled bread
7,0  €

Fried eggs  (1,3,7)

eggs , bread

4,0 €

Ham and eggs (1,3,7)

ham, eggs, bread

5,5 €

Fried eggs with vegetables   (1,3,7)

 eggs, grilled vegetables, bread

5,0 €

Scrambled eggs (1,3,7)

eggs, bread

4,0 €

Scrambeled eggs with crackles  (1,3,7)


6,0 €

Fritaja with zucchini and cheese  (1,3,7)
eggs, zuchinni, arugola, baby spinatch, chees, bread
6,0 €

Omlet with Kranjska sausage and cheese  (1,3,7)
eggs, onion, Kranjska sausage, cheese , bread
7,5  €

Kranjska sausage with bread  (1,3,10)
Kranjska sausage, mustard, horse radish, bread
7,5 €


Prosciutto, ham, salami and zaseka
Ajda's porridge with mushrooms porchini and dry plums
Fritaya  with asparagus or mushrooms porchini or chanarells
 Beef soup with noodles
Soup with mushrooms, potatoes and cream

Main dishes
 Gratinated homemade cheese rolls (štruklji)
Homemade cheese rolls (štuklji) with mushrooms in sauce
Homemade beef goulash with gnocchi or polenta
Mixed vegetables and  white cheese on  grill
Ljubljana's turkey's fried  steak
(stuffed with ham,  cheese, egg, cucumbers)
 and  roasted potatoes with onion

Veal medallion
with  mushrooms porchinni in  sauce  and
 home-made cheese rolls (štruklji)

 Pork tenderlion with cheese and prosciutto
in teran sauce and gnocchi

Pork tenderlion with truffle sauce
 and pancetta and fried gnocchi

Beefsteak with mushrooms pochinni  in sauce
 and cheese rolls (štuklji)

Squid prepared in the pan
with mediteranian vegetables and potatoes

Grilled file of sea bream with chard and potatoes

 Salad bar
Small salad 3.0 € Large salad 5,0 €
 Salad prepared as desired

 Panna cotta
with a  fruit dressing

Panna cotta with
  caramel and truffles paste

 Pancake with nuts, and
vanilla ice cream with a blueberry dressing

(prepared after  2 p.m., preparation time 20 minutes)
 Pancake with cottage cheese - gratinated
 (prepared after  2 p.m., preparation time 20 minutes)


More about us :

Telephone: +386 1 434 44 28
Gsm:          +386 31 36 26 01